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Mia Luxury Cars Rental Membership Club

Mia Luxury Cars Rental Membership Club offers discerning automotive enthusiasts unprecedented priority access to the world's finest fleet of rental sports cars, sedans and SUV's, blending the convenience of our rental program with premium, members-only accredited services and VIP status.


Through our comprehensive, exclusive club, our clients enjoy preferred access to Mia's entire fleet of luxury vehicles, providing the ultimate driving experience to those who appreciate exotic automobiles and VIP treatment.

The Mia Luxury Cars Rental Club offers four membership packages, including:

Silver: Designed to meet the needs of recreational drivers, our Silver membership is available for $20,000 and provides drivers with 600 points and 75 miles per day.

Gold: Gold enrollees are offered for $30,000, providing two drivers with 1000 points and 100 miles per day - perfect for couples and business partners.

Platinum: Our $50,000 platinum club includes up to three drivers with 1800 points and 125 miles daily.

Corporate: The $50,000 corporate club includes up to 10 drivers with 1800 points and 125 miles per day.

The access fee for our Silver, Gold and Platinum club is $5,000; corporate club access fees are $10,000.

Call 1-855-716-3407 to secure your membership - spaces are limited in this exclusive, premium club.

Exclusive Mia Luxury Cars Rental Membership Club Experiences & Benefits

The Mia Luxury Cars Rental Club also provides members with exclusive access to a vast range of premium track events, brand experiences, local and international getaways including:

Exclusive Brand Experiences:

Enrollees enjoy access to incredible local and international driving opportunities, including the renowned LAMBO Winter Academy in Cortina, Italy, where they can test their winter driving skills on an ice and snow-covered track. Imagine the thrill of driving a 700 hp Lamborghini Aventador V12 or Gallardo on pure ice, surrounded by the famed Dolomites under the guidance of professional Lamborghini guides.

Our Mia Luxury Cars Rental Club also provides members with access to the exclusive Ferrari Driving Course in Fiorano, Italy, where members receive hands-on high-speed training from the world's best professional drivers.

To learn more about our club exclusive brand experiences, call 1-855-716-3407.

Local Getaways:

Mia Luxury Cars Rental Membership Club offers a unique weekend getaway to a 5-star resort on Little Palm Island. Members choose one of our exotic vehicles to drive to the resort, and return to Miami on either a luxury yacht or chartered aircraft.

The Miami Experience:

Enrollees can enjoy an unforgettable night on the town, complete with courtside tickets to an NBA Miami Heat home game, gourmet dinner for two and VIP parking for their Mia Luxury Cars Super Car.

For more information about our members-only Miami Experience, please contact us today.

European Experiences:

Enrollees have exclusive access to group experiences, including our week-long guided trip to the famed Sand Dunes of Morocco, where members will drive the dunes in premium luxury vehicles.

For More Information

Call 1-855-716-3407 to learn more about how you can enjoy preferred members-only access to Miami's finest fleet of luxury automobiles, our wide range of exclusive club experiences and premium member services here at Mia Luxury Cars.

Call Us : 1.855.716.3407