Mia Luxury Cars
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100% Money Back Guarantee:

Miami Luxury Cars stands by its commitment of performing outstanding customer service by offering our clients a 100% money back guarantee on the following potential issues:

  • The vehicles will be delivered and picked-up on time (wherever the client chooses)
  • They will be clean inside & out
  • Operational tutorial will be included with each vehicle


  • Mechanical, functional or body issues directly caused by clients' misuse. (Miami Luxury Cars stands behind its cars. However, sometimes clients cause accidental or intentional damages to the vehicles which extend beyond the normal use. In this case, the money back guarantee does not apply).

The 100% money back guarantee is there to help reassure the Renter(s) that Miami Luxury Cars will do everything in its power to facilitate an excellent rental experience. The Renter understands that acts of God, nature, and/or other extraordinary circumstances, preventing Miami Luxury Cars to provide top-notch customer service it strives for, cannot be covered under this agreement, and the guarantee is under the discretion of Miami Luxury Cars.

Call Us : 1.855.716.3407